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Flourish & Thrive Academy Laying the Foundation

Flourish & Thrive is generously offering three scholarships to their Laying the Foundation course. I am applying for one of these via this blog post. There are specific questions that have to be answered aside from giving them what they need it gives you my readers a chance to know me a little better.

Though I have been making jewelry on and off for years and have dabbled in everything form plastic, rubber,glass and metal I only recently, the last two years or so, considered it a business.  In that time I’ve made more use of my Etsy shop, started a website and have done a few crafts shows.

I live in a large city where space comes at a premium, being able to rent and maintain a studio is next to impossible for me. I currently live in a studio apartment and do what work I can in the kitchen, this is what first attracted me to wax as a medium, it’s quiet and can be done with out a torch. I’d love to do more metal work and occasionally take classes or rent studio space. Essentially finances are what holds me back.

As a Baby Boomer I have had several careers in my work life, starting out in fashion as a buyer then store owner, moving to wedding photography which I still do and now jewelry designer and maker.  I started making jewelry after photography went to digital- I missed getting my hands dirty and the surprised of developing film and seeing what I captured. I like to think of myself as a collaborator with the materials I’m using, sort of go with the flow designer, there are no real sketches or plans though there is a starting idea. Rather then force the material I let it lead me where it naturally wants to go, once that happens I tweak it to a design that works for me. My vision for my designs is to see them in galleries and Museum gift shops, I’d like to do pop-up shops for the retail side or appearances in shop that sell my work. In reading this I see that wholesale seems to be the way I want to go. One thing I know for sure is that I want to keep actually using my hands to produce work and do not want to spend my days doing paperwork.

What is most important to me at this time is to live a quiet creative life comfortably. Thanks Flourish & thrive

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